Wednesday, February 15, 2012


4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.


The Ravinia Club, Grand Ballroom


Members $30; Guests $45; Event Day $55


Feburary 2012 Sunset Keynote Event

Risa Teksten, Google B2B Solutions Executive

The Evolution of Digital Approaches for B2B Brands

BMA Atlanta welcomes B2B Industries Solutions Executive Risa Teksten of Google to present at our Sunset Keynote Event on Wednesday, February 15 at the Ravinia Club.  Risa will share how discovery, access and choice has changed for B2B marketers in the digital age. 

The Internet allows us as marketers to make the impossible, possible.  We can connect with consumers in exciting and creative ways that we couldn’t even dream of just a few years ago, whether that’s acquiring customers, launching new products or promoting thought leadership.  This presentation will focus on three areas of Google for B2B marketersopportunity for B2B marketers, based on trends in consumer behavior - Discovery, Access, and Choice. These shifts in behavior, accelerated by changes in technology, are transforming the way marketers connect with customers.   We will showcase some of these examples and outline how B2B marketers can capture the same opportunity."


About our speaker Risa Teksten

Google Solutions Executive, B2B Industries

Risa works with top-rated Fortune 500 companies to develop custom programming, marketing and advertising solutions across Google platforms like YouTube, mobile, Google + and Google Display properties. She leverages innovations in web technology, video and social media to design customized solutions to corporate marketing challenges. Risa joined Google in 2006 and has worked with brands in Global Manufacturing, Aviation, Transporation & Logistics, Consumer Electronics, Travel, Local, and QSR Industries.  A 13-year media veteran, she has previously worked at ABC News and as a consultant with Booz Allen Hamilton. She received her Masters degree from the University of Chicago and is an alumnus of the University of Virginia for her Undergraduate degree.